Personal Guide to the West Side of Puerto Rico

Where to Stay

In August 2021, my family's beautiful Beachfront Apartment in Cabo Rojo, Puerto Rico, became available for short rentals at Airbnb. This place holds some of my dearest memories and now you have the chance to make some there too. Imagine waking up to the crystal clear, calm and warm Caribbean waters that are just a few steps away. Check it out, make a plan to visit (and please take me with you).

Food & Drink

A short drive from our apartment is my all time favorite restaurant, Buena Vibra. For years I have always ordered the same dish cause its simply perfection: the Stuffed Avocado with Mahi Mahi in their creamy Cilantro sauce with a side of Mofongo. I always make sure to take a bite from everyone else's plates so I can assure you that everything here tastes heavenly.

Beach side Villa Cofresi Hotel in Rincon is where you want to go for the perfect island vibes, food and drinks. They are known for their Coco Pirata drink, served inside *you guessed it* a coconut. This is also a great place to stay in the popular surfing town of Rincon

Some of my go to spots back in Cabo Rojo: El Gatito for traditional fried food platters and (my personal fave food) a spectacular octopus salad; Sangre Boricua for a fun night out with live music or karaoke (when its safe to do so) and their famous, locally made, red wine or Passionfruit Sangria, which are also sold bottled.


There is an infinite amount of breath taking nature adventure to do around the island. Below is what I got to do during my short trip that were near our beach apartment (which is where I spent most of my time)

Visiting a waterfall in the mountains of Puerto Rico is always a must for me. It is such a drastic change of scenery and vibe from the coast that just rejuvenates my soul every single time. It was my first time checking out the La Soplaera Waterfall in Peñuelas. On a week day during Summer, we had the river and waterfall to ourselves. To say that jumping in was a magical experience is a understatement. 

Steps Beach in Rincón has been my mom and I's fave beach spot since my teenage years. This beach is lined with trees trees and has small pools that form by the shore because of rock the formations; it is perfect spot to sit and relax. If you are feeling a lil more adventurous, on a good day, it is a great spot for snorkeling and/or paddle boarding. The water is so crystal clear that you can see all the sea creatures and corals from above while paddle boarding.


I invite you to visit and enjoy responsibly my beautiful island of Puerto Rico.

Con amor, Alessandra ♥